The Top Mediators in California Avoid Lengthy, Costly Litigation and Resolve Disputes Discreetly, Quickly

Clients We Serve:

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Business Owners
  • High Net Worth Clients
  • Trusts

Our Services:

  • Complex or Simple Dispute Resolution
  • Discreet Arbitration and Mediation
  • Available In Person, via Phone, or Video
Keith Schulner, Founder

No one can mediate, arbitrate, communicate, solve problems, and find opportunities for mutual gain better than Keith Schulner, founder of Neutral4Hire


Meet Keith Schulner
Keith Schulner, founder of Neutral4Hire, is a distinguished mediator and arbitrator with unparalleled expertise in resolving disputes.
His extensive background includes roles as:

  • Manager and Attorney
  • Professional Neutral
  • Businessperson and Entrepreneur
  • Real Estate Broker

With specialized training in family law mediation and advanced degrees including an MBA and Master of Dispute Resolution (MDR), Keith expertly bridges gaps between differing individuals and parties.

Expert Services Offered

Neutral4Hire specializes in providing neutrals (e.g., mediators or arbitrators) for:

  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Business Disputes
  • Personal Disputes

We cater to clients both represented and unrepresented by attorneys, ensuring comprehensive support for all parties involved.

Geographical Reach:

  • In-Person Services: Available in Los Angeles County, Ventura County, & Santa Barbara, California. Special requests are considered, taken on a case-by-case basis.
  • Remote Services: Serving clients globally through remote mediation and arbitration.

Why Choose Neutral4Hire?

  • Proven ability to mediate, arbitrate, and communicate effectively.
  • Skilled in problem-solving and finding mutually beneficial opportunities.
  • Extensive professional background and advanced mediation training and experience.

Keith Schulner's unique combination of experience and education ensures that Neutral4Hire offers superior mediation and arbitration services tailored to your specific needs.