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Partial Client List

As a professional neutral, Keith has helped hundreds of people and organizations settle their cases in a variety of issues including the below:


A.S. Gillespie & Associates

AAA / Automobile Club Insurance

Allan K. Cutler, Attorney at Law

Allstate Insurance Company

Beach, Procter, McCarthy & Slaughter


Bonne Bridges Mueller O'Keefe & Nichols

Bragg, Short, Serota & Kuluva

Brian Williams of Sullivan & Ballog, LLP

Burns, Schaldenbrand & Rodriguez

Carroll, Kelly, Trotter, Franzen & Mckenna

Catholic Healthcare West

Charlie's Fixtures

Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

CHW Risk Services

Cline & Associates

Cunningham & Lindsey

Downs & Associates

Doherty & Katlow

Early, Maslach, Rudnicki & Rossagel

ETS Express Inc.

Explorer Insurance Company

Farmers Insurance

Gilbert, Kellly, Crowley & Jennett

Girardi and Keese

Hacker, Kanowsky & Braly, LLP

HCN Realty

Hornberger & Brewer, Attorneys at Law

Houl & Houl

Jack L Mattingly, APC

Keating & Keating

Klein, Testan & Brundo

Kuzyk Law

Law Office of Robert J. Waechter

Law Offices of Amante A. Pimentel

Law Offices of Brian S. Weinberger

Law Offices of Brownwood & Rice

Law Offices of Chapman, Gluckman & Dean

Law Offices of Clasen, Rafflalow & Rhoads

Law Offices of Craig A. Humphrey Esq.

Law Offices of Douglas J. Schiffer

Law Offices of Eugene Egan

Law Offices of Gregory J. Khougaz

Law Offices of Hausman & Sosa, LLP

Law Offices of Hawkins, Schnabel, Lindahl & Beck

Law Offices of Isaac Nalive

Law Offices of J. Grant Kennedy

Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Reichman

Law Offices of Knapp, Marsh, Jones & Doran

Law Offices of Larry A. Rothstein

Law Offices of Lawrence W. Scott, MD & Associates

Law Ofices of L. M. Schulner & Associates

Law Offices of Marsha Munemura

Law Offices of Mohammad Nadim

Law Offices of Neil F. Schwartz

Law Offices of Nolan B. Henderson

Law Offices of Peter R. diDonato

Law Offices of Rex Parris

Law Offices of Richardson, Bambrick, Cermak & Fair

Law Offices of Robert B. Treister

Law Offices of Shabah Shamsi

Law Offices of Spile & Siegal, LLP

Law Offices of Tabone A Professional Corporation

Law Offices of Zimmerman & Kahanowitch,

Leon D. Fleishman, Attorney at Law

Lewis, D'Amato, Brisbois, & Bisgaard, LLP

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

Los Angeles City

Los Angeles County

Lowthorp, Richards, McMillan, Conway & Templeman

Major Properties

Manning & Marder, Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez

Maslach & Van Early

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)

Mercury Insurance

Michael S. Mischel & Associates

O'Connor & Martin

Osborn & Associates

Paul and Janofsky

Pacific Employers Insurance Company

Pacific First

Pritchett~Rapf & Associates Realtors

Progressive Insurance

Prudential Property and Casualty Insurance Company

Raleigh & Associates


Robert A Lisnow A Prof. Corp

Rosen and Loeb

Royal Specialty Underwriting Inc., (RSUI)

SAFECO Insurance

SBC Pacific Bell

Schaffer, Lax, McNaughton & Chen

Shane & Digiuseppe

Spray, Gould & Bowers

Stone, Rosenblatt & Cha

Sullivan & Ballog, LLP

The Doctors' Company

Travelers Property Casualty, A member of Citigroup

York Insurance Services Group, Inc.

Wood & Bender

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