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I want to personally thank you for your great work! (Immediately after a settlement agreement was reached in mediation, the participants began discussing their next sale of property together. That is not a likely occurrence after a trial!)

Most of all, at least on our side, we had total confidence and trust in what we could tell you (Keith Schulner) and how you would approach the mediation. You are well suited for being a mediator in both approach and personality. I wish you the best of luck. I truly mean this, I was truly surprised. I did not expect you to be as good a mediator as you were. No offense, it is just that I know you do not have a full head of gray hair.

I wanted to thank you (Keith Schulner) for your most diplomatic handling of an antagonistic situation. You provided a quiet, peaceful, smoke-free, informal setting that was conducive to the exchange of information. You explained everything in a way that a non-legal person like me could understand, yet without "talking down" to me. You maintained your composure throughout. You maintained eye contact as well and did not react emotionally to anything I said. I had the impression that you were listening carefully to our point of view and that you gave the same consideration to the other side with no previous bias. Do I have any suggestions that would make you a better mediator? No, none.

I was very impressed with Mr. Schulner's outstanding mediation skills and his ability to focus all parties on the issues at hand. His experience was evident during our negotiation discussions. Mr. Schulner was able to persuade both the plaintiff attorney and his client to settle this matter in the interest of all parties. Mr. Schulner is an excellent mediator.

Keith is particularly skilled because of his depth as an MBA and an MDR and his experience as a Lawyer. Because of Keith's depth, he has been able to handle complex issues that require years of skill and training. He has demonstrated an ability to help parties communicate better, analyze risks, and explore options for their mutual satisfaction. In the last thirty years at UCSB, I have not seen anyone with Keith's breadth and depth in being prepared for the hard and complex cases.

BRAD LUSTER, Managing Partner, Major Properties

BONNIE JACOBS, Claims Specialist, The Doctors' Company

ESTHER NELSON, Professor, Cal State University Northridge

J. GRANT KENNEDY, Law Office of J. Grant Kennedy

GEOFFREY WALLACE PhD, UC, Santa Barbara Ombudsman

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I give my highest recommendation to Keith A. Schulner. Mr. Schulner conducts himself with the utmost professionalism. He always prepares thoroughly and speaks articulately; his comments are always carefully thought out. In addition, Mr. Schulner has keen business and analytical skills.

REVEREND YOLANDA SOTO, JD, Law offices of Ricardo A. Torres II


It is in both parties best interest to resolve divorce and custody issues expeditiously, in the best interests of the children, while protecting the assets of the estate. Keith helped this process, in a timely manner. Keith was able to accomplish this soon after his services were secured. Prior to meeting Keith, five years of litigation, multiple attorneys and judges, $200,000, and countless trips to the courthouse only left a path for future of more of the same. Keith's level headedness, diplomacy and enrollment skills, made a significant impact on all parties. It is clear Keith Schulner's skills are at the highest level, in his area of expertise, as a mediator. I wish we met him five years ago. We would have all been able to save our time and energy for a better quality of life. I highly recommend anyone considering family litigation, to first utilize the services of Keith Schulner. If you are in the process already, stop, and give him the opportunity to help. It is also transparent that Keith's skills seamlessly transfer to all areas and topics which would better be resolved with a skilled mediator.